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Some members of the group with Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List relatively low knowledge. Can easily become the kneeling and licking. Party of the community manager, and secondly, those. Who disagree with the group owner are easily ticketed. This is actually the same as guo jia’s management. Besides, over-reliance on Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List managers is prone. To the phenomenon that the group owner. Is less than a few days, and the group is crooked. Of course, whether it is rule of man or self-governance. There are advantages and disadvantages. However, the community in the internet era should. Tend to be autonomous, because the it. Circle advocates “decentralization”, and jiu ji ling is involved in this big killer, see who refutes me, 233.

In the Process Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List

Of maintaining the development of the Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List internet communication circle. I have been subtly adopting this concept. Obviously you are too lazy to manage, hmm) how can decentralized. Autonomy and centralized human governance be used. Reasonably in the operation process? Early-stage: centralized Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List rule of man dominates. The group owner (administrator) must be strong and active. In-depth leadership and participation. In all activities in all groups. Create an atmosphere, set norms, and lead by example. Mid-term: equal emphasis on the rule. Of man and autonomy. On the one hand, managers need to continue to operate. Topics and create an atmosphere, and on the other hand. Encourage members to participate in interactions.

If It I Easy to Start, Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List

Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List

You can consider the content that Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List the group friends. Are good at, to manage the topic, or even a more obscene. Method, you can privately invite familiar group friends to “act. Of course, this approach is not recommended. As a last resort, don’t use it indiscriminately, it hurts feelings. Later stage: i don’t understand, the Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List landlord himself did not come to that step. Orz in fact, decentralized autonomy is not a high-level thing. Because managers have limited knowledge. And experience, and the most fatal thing about over-centralized management is that. Once the center temporarily disappears. The entire community is likely to be paralyzed.

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