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For patients, there is still significant gain to be made in providing seamlessly connected care. Together with your colleagues in the hospital, you work hard for an optimal patient experience by mapping out ‘patient travel’. You translate the insights into the target groups into marketing and communication policy. In this you also include the further transformation to digital, whereby you continue to look closely at which means and forms best meet the needs of the different target groups.

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You will also consider options for raising funds for the hospital next to the Friends’ Foundation. As a member of the Management Team you provide solicited and unsolicited strategic advice to the Board of Directors and management. You make Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List concrete proposals and proactively support them. You are an inspiring sparring partner for the team.

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38 days of vacation (incl. public holidays)

What do we offer you? You will work in an industry where a lot is happening now and where you can work on strengthening the reputation of the St Jansdal hospital. You are at the cradle of introducing marketing thinking and developing the skills within the team that are necessary for this. A strategic advisory position in which you are responsible for a team of professionals. You will receive a contract for an indefinite period of 36 hours per week; 32 hours is also negotiable.

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