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Authority (Based on the Google algorithm that evaluates your website as an industry leade. Keyword Optimized Content (Content written to rank well for certain keywords. User feedback (User feedback tells Google if your content is good or not for the search query. After reviewing the superficial factors, we can go into more detail why the Google search box will be limited to only a select few companies from most industries. But first, we’ll dive a little deeper into site authority.

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Authority is mainly based on two factors. Site popularity. It is measured on the basis of how many other websites are linked to it and how many times a given brand has been mentioned online. Amount of industry-related content . This shows Google that the site is creating the content and being the source of the information. If the quality of the Portugal Phone Number List content is high, Google will reward the site for authority in the industry. With authority, it is obvious that the older, more established sites are ahead of the new competitors in this game. In addition, larger companies will always have more resources to generate online content and links.

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In the long run, this ends up with a few industry leaders having the highest rankings for most keywords in a given industry. The statistics at the top show that less than 5% of all Google traffic goes to BS Leads small businesses. Is SEO worth getting started or is it too late? SEO today is like bitcoin in 2014, it is worth a lot now, but it will be even more valuable in the near future. The reason for this is Google’s growing popularity among millennials who seek information about their needs, rather than relying on contacts as the older generation does.

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