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Every year  players are scamm out of tens Argentina Phone Number. Of millions of dollars from business people and scam artists looking to acquire investment money to start a business. The reason for this is that NFL players are athletes and we are not well Argentina Phone Number educated in business. That makes us easy targets. I am one of the NFL players who has Argentina Phone Number scamm out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. As an example, several years ago I was approach a business. Man who ask me to a partner in his new business. He said all I have to do is give him $50,000 and he will do all the work and double my money.

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About business and the thought of easily. Argentina Phone Number doubling my money sound great. about the business, you are getting involv in. Don’t just blindly spend money starting a new business for which you have no experience.I never heard from him again. That taught me a very valuable Argentina Phone Number lesson. If I want to make money in business, I must become an expert at business. I’ve Argentina Phone Number watched many other NFL players become victims of unwise business investments. This includes business people coming to them asking for investment money to start entertainment businesses.

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Get a job working in a very similar business so you can. learn all there is to know about running that type of business. See if there are books written about  them over and over. Also, talk to other business owners who run the type of business you want to start. Ask them for tips and the best way to run that type of business. Maybe you can hire them as a consultant to help you start your business. The more knowledge you can gain before you start a business, the better chance you have of making your business successful. 3. Look at your financial situation. Do you have enough money in savings to cover all of your personal and business expenses for at least one full year? If you do not, you are asking for trouble. Nearly all businesses do NOT make a profit their first year in business.

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