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Extremely high profit business, if you choose your selling locations wisely, and offer only fresh, attractive flowers. BUSINESS OVERVIEW Successful operation of any small business depends on several key factors. Perhaps the most important is the ability to be a good Denmark Phone Number business manager. Although no experience is necessary to start-up a flower vending business, some small business management training could give you the edge needed to insure success. Most community colleges offer night school courses in small business management and, if you are unsure about your business knowledge and or management.

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A course would be a good idea. Here are other basic steps involved in the successful operation of a flower vending business: (1) Know your market. Proper knowledge of your market will enable you to set-up at the best locations. You’ll need to know the high-traffic areas, as well as the time of day traffic, is at its peak in order to take advantage of a roadside operation. You’ll also need to investigate other potential locations such as restaurants, malls, local festivals and flea markets.  Obtain a dependable source for fresh flowers.

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Of your merchandise And since you are selling flowers, they must be fresh and attractive. You should locate a quality wholesaler and establish a sound working relationship. You should also have some knowledge of the types of flowers people are most likely to purchase from a vendor. (3) Establish a workable preparation area. Ideally, your preparation area should be centrally located within your sales territory. The space needed should be adequate for storing flowers and materials used for the preparation of bouquets, as well as for the preparation itself. (4) Hire the right help. Unless you plan a one person operation you’ll need to hire some dependable helpers.

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