Start Measuring With Your Own Metrics

Twitter ‘s algorithm favors some posts over others, based on certain criteria. It is a more dynamic and fast social network, where the content goes unnoticed if you do not choose the best time to post or do not keep a suitable rhythm. 123 tips for posting on Twitter. Best content for Instagram Instagram is a growing social network and constant improvements. Instagram needs greater creativity and visual harmony in its content than in other social networks. And it is a great social network to attract potential customers . Tips and ideas for posting on Instagram. Best content for Youtube YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, so the potential to position your content here is enormous. Think of the best keywords for your business , and try to make videos that respond to questions that your audience, in relation to them, are interested in. 123 tips for Youtube.

What Works On Linkedin?

Everyone is on LinkedIn to network. It is no longer necessary to publish every day, but the best content for social networks that you have. Humanizing the brand is key, and participating in other similar relevant content, too, from the people and pages you want to attract. Solution : set in your social media strategy what SMART goals you want to type in phone number and find location free south africa achieve, and what goals you have for each social network, in order to meet those general brand goals. 4- Error 4: not measuring anything: solution: determine your metrics and kpis Therefore, to see if we meet the previous objectives that we have set, we have to know how to measure it, and do it. Solution : set the metrics in social networks to avoid making another of the main mistakes in social media: not measuring the results .

type in phone number and find location free south africa
type in phone number and find location free south africa

As It Is More Permeable To Your Potential

Content marketing without value; solution: content that converts In this case, another of the main errors in social networks can come from the content. Content Marketing converts, if you add value to your community. They will appreciate it by sharing and commenting on your content, and they will help you grow. Solution: see what content works BS Leads best for you on social networks . Think that you have to “sell” the brand not as you would like, but customers, thus fulfilling the objectives set. 6- Error 6: not understanding social networks; solution: know its operation and algorithms Now we come to the sixth mistake in social networks: you are on social networks because your neighbor, the competition, or because you know how to handle them better than others, and you have not asked yourself if your target audience is really there.

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