Stella Cycling

The text ‘Oops! You have no more oxygen’ is an original variation on the old ‘This page no longer exists’. There is a timer that counts down until you are taken back to the home page. If you blinked, you might even miss this 404 page! 5. Help Scout Best Error Pages Help Scout 404 Help Scout sells help desk software and other dry products to businesses.


Despite the fact that their product doesn’t sound very exciting, their appearance is very friendly and human. They also implement this aspect on their error message page . Their 404 gives direct access to their blog section and other useful  Latvia WhatsApp Number List resources. A dose of humor is also present: the headline ‘Ruh roh’ imitates a Scooby Doo-like dog that says ‘O oh’ and the image shows a pack of runaway dogs.

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Oh the irony

Screaming Frog Best Error Page Ever – Screaming Frog 404 You would think a company that sells software that has to detect broken links should not have broken links itself. Still, broken links are sometimes unavoidable. Screaming Frog, a provider of software that finds and fixes broken links, humorously deals with the irony of the situation. On their error page you can read.

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