Stumbling blocks and goals

Ramming and jamming together have the future. Especially now that companies are massively embracing the combination of home and office, there is an excellent opportunity to get joint creativity back into the mix. Small adjustments to your working day With this column we, two colleagues, want to take you on a journey through our ways of incorporating creative thinking into our daily work.

Sleight of hand

And no, that doesn’t mean we spend hours juggling, meditating, or crafting for hours on end. (For the hover-fearers among you.) Nor is it a matter of countless hours of brainstorming sessions. (For the planning pushers.) Sometimes creative Macedonia WhatsApp Number List thinking can be found in small additions or adjustments to your regular work. Effective… and cheerful By consciously turning on imagination.

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Exaggeration and association in our heads, we stimulate each other (and ourselves) to work more creatively and effectively. Moreover, this method often yields some joy. Be inspired by our examples. Ramón on the Casket In 2020, we came up with a way to encourage hard work – and make it fun at the same time.

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