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It can cause you to slide down the chasm to the second, third, fourth page of search results or even further. The consequences go beyond that. So, how does cybersecurity affect SEO rankings and vice versa? Let’s find out in detail. Warnings about a hacked website You’ve probably already seen the warning in the Google SERP that reads, “This site may be hacked.” An example is shown below. Hacked website – Google SERP This is not good news for the website owner. This means that Google has identified that your website has been a target of a cyber attack. This will have a negative impact on traffic to your website.

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Naturally, users will refrain from visiting a hacked website as visiting such websites also exposes them to danger. Also, since users won’t click on the link to your site, Google will lower your SERP rankings. It will have the feeling that your website is not a useful result for your visitors. That way, no matter how relevant your website is to your visitors, you Latvia Phone Number List won’t be attracted to them. To get rid of this problem, you can remove the warning sign from your website. To do this, please contact Google via Search Console. You will need to request a reconsideration of the site. First, however, you need to do something about the hacked website. For this purpose, strong, robust operational technology cyber security tools can be implemented.

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OT security tools will not only help protect your website but also help in other areas of cybersecurity. OT cybersecurity tools will help protect the operational technology infrastructure, people, and data. We BS Leads recommend integrating OT security solutions. Industrial Defender helps you effectively monitor, manage and protect your systems. Cybersecurity teams can better protect assets against cyber threats such as ransomware, spyware, DDoS attacks, and more.

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