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That emerged last year, and it has Find Your Phone Number quickly become popular in big cities. However, we tried to cover more areas with the survey sample in a wider area to explore. The true influence of the spring festival red envelopes. In the survey, about 19% of users who used electronic red envelopes for the spring. Festival last year Find Your Phone Number  accounted for about 20%. After a year of familiarity and precipitation, will the red envelopes become. More popular in the spring festival in 2015? We also surveyed the expected behavior of users this year. Among the options for the spring festival red envelopes, 9.7% of netizens confirmed that they would prefer electronic red envelopes such as wechat.

It Is Optimistic Find Your Phone Number

However, that the proportion of users. Who insist on Find Your Phone Number the first choice of physical. Red envelopes has decreased significantly. 53.5% of users said that they will be the first. To use physical red envelopes this year. So where did the rest of the users go? The answer is “they are still hesitating”. 36.8% of netizens Find Your Phone Number are still tangled between physical. Red envelopes and electronic red envelopes such as wechat, and this entanglement means. A huge potential market space for products. How to win over these intermediate users has become. The theme of this year’s spring festival “red envelope war”.

Which Categories Are Find Your Phone Number?

Find Your Phone Number?

The most pleasing to buy new year’s goods Find Your Phone Number on mobile phones? Compared with the “spring festival surprise. Brought by red envelopes, buying new year’s goods. Is something that must be carefully planned. With the popularity of e-commerce, online shopping for new year’s goods has become a popular topic. According to Find Your Phone Number our survey, 23.7% of netizens have tried to buy new year’s goods online; 19.6% of users have no such experience, but plan to try it; 56.7% of users have no plans to buy new year’s goods online at all . When it comes to the category selection. Of online shopping for new year’s goods, there is a clear trend.

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