The Accompanying Metrics

Do you know how many leads need to be attracted to reach your sales goals at the end of the process?

Without that information it will be very difficult to get good results, don’t you think?

Sales indicators are essential to align the goals of each stage of the sales cycle, guaranteeing the result.

They are those that will allow you to identify which are the stages that are blocking, delaying or even definitely harming your process.

Over time, you will surely redefine details of your cycle as you try new strategies.

The accompaniment of the sales cycle was essential for the growth of Rock Content .

It is the result of constantly measuring, testing and refining the strategies and actions of our sales cycle, which keeps our doors open and inviting.

To facilitate the monitoring of your business metrics, we leave you this free spreadsheet :

9 Tactics to Shorten the Partners Email Lists Sales Cycle
Check now 9 tactics that can reduce the sales cycle!

1. Align sales and marketing teams

Those who think that sales and marketing teams should act on opposite. Sides of the funnel are somewhat far from reality.

On the contrary, joint and integrated work favors. The qualification of leads , in addition to making the different professionals. Involved in the process aware of the value proposition of the product with which they work.

Having these professionals in the same physical space is one of the elements that facilitates alignment.

Partners Email Lists

However, that may not be possible in times of pandemic and business models based on remote work. Fortunately, the home office does not represent a limitation for internal communication.

Other good practices include the creation of common goals for both teams and the establishment of a flow to share information about leads , which allows joint decision-making.

2. Offer content according to the purchase journey
One of the most common complaints among sales reps is that they can’t locate the right content to send to leads , which was reported by 65% ​​of marketers interviewed in a Kapost survey.

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