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There are several steps you can take to protect your business from such malicious reviews. These are among others: Identify malicious reviews by analyzing comments. Look for similarities in words, drown, or see if something looks strange. If you spot a fake review, please report it to Google Small Business Support. Remember to submit a detailed report. It will give you reasons why you believe the review is fraudulent and Google’s policies that it violates. If you can, attach any evidence to support your claim. After reviewing the report, Google will remove the fake reviews from your website. This will improve your SEO rankings as the overall customer feedback count will be higher.

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However, if you believe the reviews are true, you can take the following steps: Monitor what your legitimate customers say about your business. Respond to their comments professionally and quickly. Try to correct your shortcomings to avoid similar reviews in the future. Ask the reviewer to change their opinion if they are satisfied with Lithuania Phone Number List your actions. You can also encourage customers who have had a happy, joyful experience to leave a positive review. To better respond to reviews, you can set up Google Alerts to keep you notified of new customer reviews on a regular basis. Thoughts for parting We can see that SEO and cybersecurity are interdependent.

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Moreover, SEO is directly proportional to your cyber security. The better you protect your online business, the better your SEO will be and vice versa. Therefore, cyber security should also be considered in BS Leads your SEO and digital marketing strategies. Implement robust cyber security measures to protect your website from cyber attacks. Otherwise, no matter how good your SEO is, it will be of no use if your website security is not top notch. Did you know link building can do wonders for your business.

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