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Also, as time goes by, you will notice a decrease in the cost of customer acquisition , since the digital assets that we develop continue to generate traffic and leads over time. The success of the inbound strategy and the time to see results depends on two factors : Do it well: The results are given by quality and not quantity of content, in our experience the main reasons for failure are related to the lack of strategy, as well as poor execution. Invested effort: An adequate inbound implementation requires the time of a team with experience in business, research of your clients, content generation and digital marketing tactics such as SEO and SEM. So yes, economic and human resources are a factor.

At GrowX Agency, to deliver results before an average strategy , we first evaluate the company’s current digital assets and based on this, we build an action plan that solves the main challenge that the company has to trigger sales. We also integrate an inbound strategy in conjunction with other demand generation and sales closing tactics. Let’s evaluate your growth potential If you are evaluating investing in an inbound strategy, together we can analyze the growth potential of your company and the current situation, to help you take the first steps. This not only applies to prospects who have bought from you, but also to those who, perhaps due to lack of purchasing power, have not done so, but who are interested in your brand or product.

Does This Process Sound Much Better To You?

The reality is that inbound is an interactive process, it connects all the points from the first contact with the client, until the moment in which a sales closing is made. It puts the focus on the customer and not just the seller. What benefits does Inbound Marketing bring to a business or company? Alignment of marketing and sales :efforts are carried out korean phone numbers together, which allows for better results. Records: It helps you obtain the data of visitors to your site through forms and greater visibility in search engines, which in turn allows you to develop a lower investment in paid advertising campaigns. Higher-quality prospects: People with higher purchase intent and who are interested in your products or services begin to reach your site. Lead nurturing : Through an automation system .

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You improve the relationship with your customers : Inbound marketing is designed to build long-term relationships with your customers, not just closing sales. CRM : You are increasing and managing your database. Scope: A community of users is generated and the contents are distributed to a wider audience. Branding: Your online presence is improved and people can learn more about your brand. We know that no matter what sector or branch your company is in. One of their main challenges is to generate new prospects for their business. And in a world where our way of consumption has changed. Why continue to think about attracting customers from the traditional way? Their options to 3 or 5 majors and do more in-depth research, doing searches like “ software engineering colleges ” or “ what does an information technology engineer do ?

What Type Of Student Is Most Interested Academic

Constantly creating new blog articles helps search engines rank. Your site organically (without paying Google) and more potential learners. Find information of interest through the different stages of the process. If the contact has already registered before, sending them personalized content by email helps to identify. What stage they are in and collect more information from students such as where. They would like to study, or what high school they will graduate from. Decision Stage: By this time approximately 70% of the purchasing process has progressed. Based on previous research and in some cases interactions with university representatives. The student has one or two career options and no more than three universities to study at.

It is time to encourage the student to enroll with guided tours of the campus. Personalized scholarship offers or application of admission exams. Marketing strategies such as lead scoring and lead nurturing allow us to identify offer and streamline. The activities of the sales team, since there is a constant generation of demand. Organized and with more information from potential students. 7 advantages of using Inbound Marketing in Universities Generate potential students all year long. Not just during enrollment season Increases the prestige of the university with valuable content. Differentiates the message of the students from that of the parents. Accompanies each one in their decision process Reduces student acquisition costs in the long run.

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