The Current Cortana South Korea Phone Number

The current cortana has also been set South Korea Phone Number with attributes. And the same is true for xiaoice. When xiaoice was just released, it would actually use the swear words in its database to scold users back and forth. In the past, artificial intelligence would never dare to do this. Soon microsoft lowered the attribute and madSouth Korea Phone Number her become a good girl. Just a few days ago, microsoft unlocked a new function for xiaoice, allowing it to “talk back” and no longer obey users. Isn’t this the storyline of the master chief and cortana in halo? I wanted to interpret this article in depth, but i wanted to say too much, and the more i thought about it, the more terrifying and uneasy i felt in my heart. Let’s stop there. 12.

Augmented Reality South Korea Phone Number

Technology opposite to virtual South Korea Phone Number reality (vr). Which superimposes virtual content in a real physical space.while the latter puts users in a virtual world. In 2009, whether it was ar or vr, it was just talk, not practical at all. But today, both ar and vr technologies have matured. Microsoft has made many successful attempts South Korea Phone Number in the field of augmented reality, such as the translator application developed by microsoft in 2012, which can directly translate the text on the picture and cover the original language with the translation; nokia’s “city kaleidoscope” released on windows phone. Apps that allow users to see nearby stores on their phone screen. The former function did not appear in the video.but was replaced by instant translation.

The Latter Appeared South Korea Phone Number

South Korea Phone Number

In the scene of the airport in 2009. Through the South Korea Phone Number guidance of the mobile phone screen. Users can know where there are shops. Nearby and where to get luggage. But when it comes to applications, android and ios platforms do better. Many ar applications can used both for entertainment and for business South Korea Phone Number promotion. Such as the bear virus application that has recently.become popular on social networking sites. However, these limited to a small screen. Turning to 2015, microsoft released the hololens holographic projection eye. Bringing display augmentation technology to our side. And the virtual content given by augmented reality is within our reach.

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