The Importance of the Sales Cycle

If you find someone very concerned about the decrease in the sales cycle, it is probably because they work with “complex sales” that, in most cases, have a more or less long cycle.

Longer cycles generate more attention and concern with their reduction, but short cycles can be a “trap”, since their importance is not so evident.

How many times have you already wondered if it was the ideal time to get in touch with a client?

It is very common to ask ourselves if he had enough time to think about our proposal and if it is time to request his response, for example.

Have you ever imagined how good it

Would be to know the exact moment to act at each stage of the sale? In a way that makes the process more fluid, natural and enjoyable?

Knowing the procedure of each stage increases productivity and customer satisfaction with the purchase .

The Investors Email Lists stages of the sales cycle
It doesn’t matter if you’re into complex selling, retail, or even idea selling, there are some common steps for most segments.

These stages are:

Prospecting : the first task is to find your potential client ;

Investors Email Lists

Initial contact: the first contact can be through an e-mail, a phone call, the sending of a gift, at a trade fair or in the digital medium, with the client researching and finding content like the one you are reading ;
Qualification : not all new leads are ready for a purchase, at this stage we separate the mature ones to stimulate the next step with them.
Presentation : it is the moment of contact with the client to show him your product or service and your commercial proposal.
Evaluation : it is the stage of the negotiation, which may include the seller’s waiting time, when it is the case to leave a proposal for the client’s analysis.
Closing : it is the stage in which the purchase is made effective through a series of formalities;
Post-sale : it is when you confirm the satisfaction of your client and request indications or references.
Some companies may have to add or remove stages. For example, you may need to gather information to prepare a personalized presentation.

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