The Internet Transformed Way Of Searching

The way of looking for health services has changed and very few specialized clinics have considered this in their strategies. But how-to-attract-more-patients The internet transformed the way of seeking health services Technology and specifically the internet has changed the way we live , how we shop and even how we seek health services.

For several years it has been a fact that patients ask Google more questions than their doctors. Although it is a very risky practice for the patient, because many sources lack scientific support and it encourages self-medication; More and more people search for information on the internet before visiting the doctor. A Google study states that 84% of patients search both online and offline sources for references about hospitals.

How To Attract More Patients?

However, this represents an area of ​​opportunity, sincethe vast majority look for symptoms and information related to diseases. how-to-attract-more-patients2.png How to attract more patients to my specialized clinic? Achieving the growth of a ceo email address specialized clinic is a great challenge, since it often depends on word of mouth. Growing your client base based on recommendations is highly unpredictable .

ceo email address
ceo email address

Investing in traditional advertising, mass mailings and ads on digital platforms increases the cost of customer acquisition , making it difficult to achieve profitable and sustained growth in the medium and long term. An inbound strategy allows you to generate a constant flow of patients, which reduces the costs of customer acquisition over time.

Which Deals With The Subject

Let’s see it in a practical example: Ana has heard that breast cancer is common in women. So she starts her internet search “ how to detect breast cancer early ”. Among the main search results is an article written by a specialized clinic. How-to-attract-more-patients3 As Ana continues reading , she discovers that the specialized clinic provides. A guide with everything she needs to know to prevent, care for and treat breast cancer, so she decides to download it.

How-to-attract-more-patients4 To receive the guide, Ana provides her contact information and some relevant information for the specialized clinic. This is how she obtains a potential patient to nurture with information that adds value from the time she discovers the symptoms until some medical treatment is performed.

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