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WebCitz staff portraits 15. Tell stories with pictures Images can be used in place of bulleted or numbered lists. They are great for illustrating the steps of an article, presenting graphs and charts, and presenting data France WhatsApp Number List rather than using words alone. Typists typing is important 16. Use images to break up blocks of text Often we just make paragraph after paragraph of content without any visual breaks in between. This exhausts the reader and may even make your point less clear because it’s hard to understand what you’re saying without visuals.

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Basically, images give readers a much-needed visual break from the content, which gives them time to digest what they just read. man using ipad sitting on bench 17. Use Image Emphasis If you want your readers to France WhatsApp Number List on a part of your website or blog post, using images can help grab their attention and make it more noticeable. Lemons with yellow inside and outside on blue background 18. Use images for education Think of it as another way for readers to read what you have to say.

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Images are powerful tools that can help them understand the message you’re trying to convey. Framed paper with checklist in conclusion In conclusion, it is important to remember that not every photo is France WhatsApp Number List for your website. You have to experiment to see which colors work best with the colors you use, the type of content on your site, your audience, and more. We hope this article on web design images helped educate you about images in web design as a whole.

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