The Law Believes List of Mobile Phone Numbers

The Law Believes that this is determined. by the List of Mobile Phone Numbers coping ability of the neocortex of the human brain. In this way, many communities (especially IM-based products) now have hundreds of people at every turn. Isn’t that causing information overload? Indeed, the landlord once compared. that the amount List of Mobile Phone Numbers of information per day in a private. small group of twenty or thirty people is not much less than that of a large group. of two or three hundred people, at least in the order of magnitude. The former can be easily every few hundred, and the latter is at most a thousand. After calculation, the per capita information volume is very close. Refer to the graph below From the above qualitative analysis graph. we can see the relationship between communit. activity and Dunbar’s number.

Excessive People and List of Mobile Phone Numbers

Information, inefficient List of Mobile Phone Numbers dissemination. And the cost of acquiring information. For one’s own needs will become higher and higher. Does that mean the community has to be small? No, the bigger and stronger it must be (don’t think about it). The information overload mentioned above is List of Mobile Phone Numbers more reflected. In the im-based community, various wechat groups. Qq groups, weibo groups, etc. Synchronous interaction is convenient and efficient, and the side effects are too direct, so there is no place for users to avoid information. For communities in the form. Of asynchronous interactive bbs, forums, etc., there are not too many troubles in this regard. But asynchronous interaction is too slow, which is not conducive to the daily communication of existing community members.

A Group and a Forum? List of Mobile Phone Numbers

List of Mobile Phone Numbers

It seems to be possible, but the List of Mobile Phone Numbers operation is cumbersome and increases user costs. Looking at the various communities today, they are generally based on im groups. That is easy to do. An asynchronous interactive plug-in is embedded to meet the needs of information diversion and extended functions. Or the entire product List of Mobile Phone Numbers is still based on im, but in the group. On the basis of im, there are more integrated functions to help users divert and filter information. On the premise of not withdrawing from the group, it has a better social experience, and the synchronization and asynchronous integration. Isn’t it beautiful, so i made up the scene prototype map, using a letter as the material, and embedded it into the im product in the form of sdk.

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