The market waits for no one

Who is at the center of most companies? The customer, of course. For most companies, marketing and sales are the champions of customer focus. Yet it still happens all too often that content remains too impersonal and does not sufficiently match the perception of the target group. Sometimes it seems like the customer experience (CX) is a blind spot. Let’s change that.


The customer experience is shaped at all points of the customer journey. It starts the moment marketing spreads its tentacles to the potential customer (but actually before that, with all advertising and PR efforts) and sales tries to win Russia WhatsApp Number List over that customer. In theory, the customer experience should therefore be a central point for all marketing and sales teams. But in practice this is not always the case.

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From CX-ambassadors

‘What did you think of our service?’ Gathering feedback is essential to better understand the experience customers have with your brand. If you use this in a well-thought-out way, soliciting feedback in the customer journey is the perfect way to keep up with and innovate for your customers. If a request for feedback is asked in the right way and at the right time, the customer will be happy to share feedback.

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