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The mobile applications that are often Kuwait Phone Number than one in ten thousand. Which is also very sad. At the end of last year, some industry veterans said that the mobile internet will enter. The deep water area this year. And it will start to integrate with many verticals, traditions, and offline. Especially when o2o comes, the Kuwait Phone Number combination of various verticals. Traditions and offline becomes more and more obvious, such as those who do catering. Laundry, taxis, and fruit sellers. However, in addition to these, vertical social networking combining online and offline. Is also a field that has been talked about. A lot and has broad prospects, but there has been no breakthrough.

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Shashui will take mobile food social Kuwait Phone Number networking as an example to do some superficial analysis. 1. Difficulties in the development of vertical social applications from shashui’s long-term observation, there are Kuwait Phone Number three major difficulties in the development of vertical social applications: 1. Vertical segmentation, limited market, and difficult user acquisition. It is easy for everyone to understand this. Like weibo, wechat, etc., they are all mass social media, and they are aimed at all user groups. In terms of promotion, they can get as many users as possible. This is not the case for vertical social applications. Most of them are based on a hobby or a single demand.

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Users may be 1/n of the public social Kuwait Phone Number network, and users who want to find this 1/n face two major difficulties. : first, it is difficult to find users, because users are very fans, and it is difficult to reach them; second, the cost of Kuwait Phone Number acquiring users is high, because the main promotion methods are still various application channels. As far as the android market channels are concerned. They all for omni-channel users. , cannot matched exactly, and the cost is very high. Low user stickiness and high churn rate. Generally speaking, the user stickiness of social applications is relatively high. However, due to the relatively small scale of users of vertical applications, and the purpose of social networking is particularly clear.

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