The More You Listen the More You Will Learn What to Do

Increase your chances of success. When you truly listen to your customers, and know how to position yourself and put the right information, they tell you everything you need to know, and especially what you should do to sell to them. #two. Build rapport with your potential customer Rapport is a beautiful French word for relationship, and it’s also one of the best selling tips for salespeople.Building rapport is the same as building empathy, building a synergy between the salesperson and their potential customer.

Rapport is Built by Reproducing

Some elements between the salesperson and their potential customer. Rapport consists of the following elements: Visual contact. Facial expression. Body posture. Emotional balance. Voice Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number timing Volume (voice strength). Verbal communication. Non verbal comunication. The best way to build rapport is to observe how your client behaves in these 9 factors, and start to reproduce this in the same way as he does: use a body posture similar to your interlocutor, tone of voice, expression, body posture and so on. on.

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This Connection Creates a Bond

Between salesperson and potential customer , because they become similar. In this way, the seller becomes much more trustworthy. #3. Attitude Many salespeople can’t, won’t even admit to being told no. But good salespeople know that this is part of the sale, and that some people buy while others don’t. It’s part of the process. Even doing everything right, we often don’t sell to the people we’d like. Because of this, the seller cannot be afraid of no. It is necessary to face this possibility with attitude and charisma and ask for the sale at the right time.

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