The Presence of the Keyword in the Title Tag is One of the Main Factors of the Page .

This is a tag in the code that identifies the title to search engines.

In addition to telling the algorithm what the main topic of the page is, it also has the function of attracting the user’s interest to motivate them to click.

Look at the correlation of this factor with the position in the SERP:

23. Keyword at the beginning of the title tag
If the keyword is at the beginning of the title tag, even better! For Google, this position highlights the importance of the term for that page.

24. Keyword in meta description

The meta description is not a direct ranking factor, but it works to attract the user’s click on the search results page. Therefore, the presence of the keyword in the description is important, especially since Google bolds it in the SERP.

25. Keyword in H1 tag
The heading tags serve to VP IT Email Lists show the hierarchy of the content to Google. Among these, H1 is the most important, as it represents the title of the content that appears on the page. Therefore, the keyword must be there to demonstrate its relevance.

26. Keyword in H2 and H3 tags
H2 and H3 tags follow the hierarchy of heading tags. Although they are not as relevant for ranking in the SERPs, here too it is important to use keywords (or synonyms and related terms) to reinforce their relevance on the page.

27. Keyword in the main content

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The position of keywords on the page also highlights their importance. If they appear in the main content, Google understands that they are more relevant.

28. Key word at the beginning of the text
If the keyword appears at the beginning of the main content text (first 100 words), Google understands that it is even more important for the page.

29. Keyword in URL
The URL is another element of the page that Google analyzes. If the keyword appears there, it means that it is highly relevant to the post.

In this video , John Mueller clarifies that this is a “small ranking factor”, but still a ranking factor.

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