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The proportion of online bookings for Indonesia Phone Number paradise scenic spots in tickets accounts for 12%-15%, landscapes only about 2%-3%, ancient towns and ancient buildings. The penetration rate of the scenic spot is only about 1.5%. According to data from emarketer. Although this may be true,only hotel accommodation, air Indonesia Phone Number tickets and leisure travel are considered, the penetration rate of online travel in the united states in 2012 has reached 74%, of which air tickets have reached 76%, hotels have reached 73%, and leisure travel products have also reached 70%. %. Although this may be true, from the perspective of e-commerce, the penetration rate of online shopping in china surpassed that of the united states in 2012.

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To move in the direction of 10%, continuing Indonesia Phone Number to lead the united states. From the data point of view, the penetration rate of online shopping in china is ahead of the united states. But the penetration rate Indonesia Phone Number of online travel is several. Although this may be true, behind the united states. From the perspective of the barrel theory. Although there are gaps in our internet penetration. Rates in various sectors of hotels, air tickets, and leisure and vacation travel. The most obvious shortcoming lies in the low penetration rate and slow growth of ticket products in leisure and vacation products. . By 2017, if travel online penetration reaches 15.6%, the average annual growth rate will still not be optimistic.

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Indonesia Phone Number

Transactions of air tickets and Indonesia Phone Number hotels gradually. Hitting the ceiling, the shortest part is the ticket market. Penetration rate and penetration rate of overall. Although this may be true, products for leisure and vacation. From another more professional point of view, it involves the optimization of the supply. Chain of tourism products. Therefore, tourism Indonesia Phone Number o2o cannot only be viewed from the perspective. Of online and offline channels. But must be analyzed from the perspective of supply. Chain to touch its essence. 3. Supply chain optimization is the inevitable way. Although this may be true, realize tourism o2o the basic components. Of the tourism supply chain include: primary suppliers, tourism operators. Tourism agents (travel agencies) and tourists.

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