The Return of the Money if the Person Does Not Like

The lead has already made his consideration and has decided to make the purchase. It can be from your company or from another company, therefore, there is a challenge in front of you: show that you offer the best solution.

One way to do this is to forward the potential customer to a landing page that, in addition to a “Buy” button, features cases and testimonials from some of your customers. Take a look at this example on the Rock Content home page:

This is a Way of Showing That Other People

Trusted you and were not disappointed. On the contrary, they were satisfied and realized the value of the purchase.

Another way to help with the decision is to CFO Email List offer a product demo. In our example, one option would be to offer free access to some classes.

In fact, some infoproducers go further and guarantee The Return of the Money if the Person Does Not Like the purchase and proves it within a certain period.

These are some sales techniques that help the potential customer decide to buy from you. Here we can say that the purchase process has finished. However, it is important to pay attention to what comes next.

5. Post-purchase evaluation
Once the prospect has made the purchase, you can celebrate, but you can’t relax to the point of letting the customer down. The reason is that the customer will continue to want and deserve attention .

You Can Get in Touch to Answer Questions

CFO Email List

About the product and even make suggestions that will help you improve it.

Imagine how disastrous it would be if the customer was not satisfied with the after- sales service . He could ask for the money back and still speak badly about your company and your product. But let’s think about the results of being satisfied.

In our example, the person bought a course, but in the future they can buy others. Not to mention, if she’s satisfied, she’ll recommend you to friends, family, co-workers, and people she’s met in groups on social media.

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