The Sales of the Dress China Phone Number

The sales of the dress increased by 500%. And the number China Phone Number of visits to the official. Website increased by 2000%. Why can a dress be popular all over the internet? Allen, the host of allen’s talk show in the united states. Said the mystery, “from today, the world will be divided into two camps. Blue, black and platinum.” just like chinese people are keen. To debate China Phone Number whether tofu brain should be sweet or salty. This dress divides all netizens into two camps. They all believe what they have seen with. Their own eyes, the two camps do not give way to each other. More people happily joined the team. On social networks, many celebrities. Have joined the discussion about the color of the dress.

Celebrities Including China Phone Number

Taylor swift, julianne moore, ariana China Phone Number grande and others tweeted about the matter, and were far apart. Driven by the star effect, it is difficult for this skirt to be a “quiet skirt”. The inspiration of “duang” and skirts becoming popular on social networks is it just a coincidence that the two consecutive hot internet China Phone Number incidents in two days? In fact, they still have some things in common. Celebrity effect entertainment stars have always occupied the focus of public attention. Once an online event or buzzword is associated with a star, it has the potential to become popular. Looking through the internet buzzwords of last year, many of them are related to entertainment stars. “fighting” is related to cao ge, “going to the rooftops” is related to jay chou.”

Go and Cherish China Phone Number

China Phone Number

Is related to ma yili, and “buy,is related China Phone Number to wang sicong. Last year’s smash hit “ice bucket challenge” attracted widespread attention from netizens because of the participation of many celebrities and tech giants. And this time, the ghost video that made “duang” popular is also a combination of “star” elements China Phone Number such as jackie chan, shampoo commercials, and skateboard shoes. In fact, many ghost animal videos have been popular in small circles before, and stars are a key key to driving them to popular popularity. Lower the threshold the popularity of popular online events is inseparable from the participation of the public. In order for most netizens to understand and participate, it is very important to have a low threshold. For example, some jargon has certain thresholds for its use.

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