The Ultimate Purpose Benin Phone Number

The ultimate purpose of the Benin Phone Number gala red envelopes is nothing. More than to shake ali’s mobile payment status, and if you want to predict the future of china’s mobile. Payment, you must stand in the long. River of history to look at this issue. The ancients said: taking history as a mirror, we can know the rise and fall. Likewise, we can Benin Phone Number only truly predict the future of internet payment in china. After we fully understand the past. The battle between alipay and tenpay is actually. A battle of online shopping scenarios let’s first take a look at alibaba’s. Alipay and tencent’s tenpay in the pc internet era. The rise of alipay is based on its powerful taobao platform.

By Cultivating Users Benin Phone Number

Habit of shopping online and Benin Phone Number paying online, alipay has gradually become the first choice for online shoppers. After taobao has cultivated a strong user base, alipay has been accessed by more and more e-commerce Benin Phone Number platforms and merchants. The launch of tmall mall has further defended alipay’s status as the king in china’s internet payment field. Tencent tenpay has also cultivated a large user base by virtue of qq game points, paipai, qq mall, and yixun, and has become the second largest online payment platform in china. The competition between alipay and tenpay is not so much a confrontation between the two major payment platforms, but rather a battle of shopping scenes behind them.

Sure Enough, Benin Phone Number

Benin Phone Number

As paipai and qq mall are far behind taobao and tmall mall in e-commerce Benin Phone Number market share, tenpay’s market share is also far behind alipay. In 2014, after tencent handed over paipai, qq mall, and yixun to on its own payment system. From the perspective of the development of alipay and tenpay, they developed so rapidly on the Benin Phone Number basis of the online shopping scene first, and then tenpay gradually lost its advantage in the online shopping scene, and its payment status also gradually increased. Weaken. What are the odds of wechat first deploying payment and then counterattacking scenarios? Last year, wechat used red envelopes to win over 8 million mobile payment users during the spring festival.

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