The whole foot is purple swollen and painful and it may be sudden death in severe cases


Doctor will my left foot be necrotic. Mr. Wang, who was lying on the emergency bed. Said with a worried look. The doctor said it was cellulitis befor. So I took antibiotics. But it didn’t seem to improve. My foot is very swollen and painful. And it feels hard to the touch. Compared with his right leg, mr. Wang’s left leg was obviously swollen and purple.I’m afraid it’s not just cellulitis. Said the doctor frowning. It’s possible that your foot is blocke by a blood vessel.The blood vessel is blocke. What should I do. Am I going to need amputation. Mr. Wang asked nervously.

When unilateral lower extremity

Swelling and pain occur, you must pay. Attention to whether there is deep. Venous thrombosis.Dr. Cai chenggen. Director of the cardiovascular surgery department. Of the zuoying branch of the national. Army kaohsiung general hospital. Pointe out. After a series of examinations. We confirmed that his. The problem is not cellulitis. But the iliac vein thrombosis locate. In the pelvic cavity. With severe stenosis the blood cannot. Flow  Romania Phone Number back to the heart smoothly, and it .Accumulates in the veins of the lower extremities. Which will cause a series of discomfort. Because the venous return is blocked. It will also affect the superficial veins. So the skin is often inflame repeatedly.In order to solve the problem of deep vein thrombosis. And stenosis, minimally invasive vascular. Interventional therapy is arrange. Through catheter thrombolysis and balloon. Dilation of the stenotic vein. And then placing venous stent to completely. Open the iliac vein. The problems of venous thrombosis and stenosis. At the source were resolved, and his left foot no longer had pain. And the swelling gradually subside. And the problem of recurrent cellulitis. Was less likely to occur after that.

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Deep vein thrombosis may lead to sudden death

The heart is the engine that drives life. It sends blood to the whole body through. Arteries to maintain the operation .Of various organs, and then. The blood flows back to the heart .Through veins. Because the lower extremities. Are far from the heart and are affecte. By gravity, reflux is relatively difficult.Our lower extremity veins can be. Divide into superficial veins and deep veins. Dr. Cai chenggen pointe. Out that the superficial veins are. Locate under the skin and visible to the naked eye,.While the deep veins are covered in the muscles. And the two are connecte. By communicating branches. When the superficial veins and deep. Veins out of the condition. There will be different symptoms.The superficial veins are on the surface of the skin. When an embolism occurs, a swollen, inflamed, painful blood vessel can be felt from the surface of the skin, and the nearby skin will also be red. The occurrence of superficial venous thrombosis is mostly due to poor blood circulation, such as prolonged sitting, standing, trauma, and the use of intravenous indwelling needles.

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