There is Also a Correlation Between the Number of Words

Longer content is often deeper and offers more value to the reader. Therefore, it usually occupies the first positions. But it is not a rule, quality is essential!

41. Originality of the content
In addition to being deep, the content must be original. Google has the means to identify plagiarism and duplication and if you commit these “sins” you could be penalized or even removed from the ranking.

42. Content Authorship
Google had a project to mark and verify authorship with Google Plus, which was abandoned with the discontinuation of the network.

However, Google’s current guidance by the EAT (see factor 38)

Highlights the importance that the search engine still places on the author of the content , although it does not confirm that it is one of the ranking factors.

43. Duplicate content
Duplicate content may represent plagiarism or a way to manipulate search engine rankings. For this reason, Google tends to downgrade pages with duplicate content, which offer a poor user experience.

44. Language Correction
Content with language errors (grammar, punctuation, syntax) provides a poor reading experience, so Google may consider it to be of poor quality.

45. “Fresh” content
A 2011 algorithm update seeks to VP HR Email Lists understand which searches require new content (see factor 125).

In such cases, the user expects to see the most up-to-date information possible, so Google prioritizes the most recent content, while the outdated ones fall in the ranking.

46. ​​Relevance of Updates

In order to have new content, you don’t need to

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Have recently published the page, but it is essential that you have made updates to your old pages.

However, these updates must be relevant (change an entire section, rather than one word or another) for the pages to be crawled and indexed by the search engine again.

47. Frequency of updates
If Google identifies that the page is frequently updated, it constantly “visits” the page to track it, and if it always has new content to show in the SERP, it ranks better than an outdated post.

48. List of linked topics
When writing a text with several topics, it is interesting to put them in the introduction with a direct link to them. In addition to helping the reader, Google can turn them into sitelinks or featured snippets that attract more clicks in the SERPs.

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