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From separate collection and collection, to processing the waste into new raw materials. In this way, the municipality shows that everyone can contribute to a better environment, but indirectly also to lower costs for residents and businesses. Then we can still hear you thinking: influencers. Enzo Knol. That’s priceless. Correct. So look closer to home.

White, young or older man

A local ‘known’ person can generate a large reach for a municipality and increase your credibility. 3. There is more than a perfect, white, young or older man To reduce the distance to your resident, entrepreneur or other stakeholder, you will Chile WhatsApp Number List also have to embody your target group. Scroll through your timelines. Do you mainly see older, white men? Or rather young, handsome people with the accompanying Prodent smile?

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Nothing against older white men, or against Prodent, but the result is that you do not sufficiently appeal to a large part of your target group. We know that someone likes to identify with the person they see. An important condition, therefore, if you have an important message to announce or if you want people to think along with you or participate. Prodent smile Bron: Canva.

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