These 17 habits help me avoid becoming a “greasy” uncle of project management

It’s been almost ten years since I graduated. Speaking of good habits, in retrospect, some of the habits I developed at work have helped me a lot.

Because I do project management, I have to deal with a lot of things every day. I am forced to develop some good habits, and I also summarize some bad habits to avoid.

There is a saying: “How you live a good day is how you live a good life.” This sentence speaks of the importance of habits in life.

A total of 17 habits, let me avoid becoming a “greasy” project management uncle…

These habits are actually common to everyone in the workplace. I have specially summarized several parts, hoping to help everyone in work and life.

  • Habits shape your identity, and your identity settings determine your habits
  • the habit of making yourself happy
  • What bad habits can you avoid


Habits shape your identity, and your identity setting determines your habits (the road to advanced project manager)

Habits shape your identity, just like I am a project management practitioner, my habits come from this identity, and also feedback from this identity.

When I first entered the workplace, the first habit I developed was to observe myself.

After graduation, I deal with work and life independently, and suddenly I feel that everything is messy. I feel like I am rushing forward every day, but I don’t know where to rush. I am afraid that others will think that I am not good or bad. Internal consumption.

Later, I began to examine and observe myself, and New Zealand Mobile Number let myself “speak the truth” every day, without escaping the status quo, actively communicating, and facing difficulties.

Who can live without troubles and difficulties? Saying it out, my heart is empty, and I can do more valuable things. After so many years, it is still very useful, and my mood is basically very relaxed every day.

As a project manager, if the efficiency is low, it will be a disaster for the entire team. There are various risks to prepare before, and then the company’s customers urge the progress. This state of front and back attack makes me have to explore various such an efficient method. So the second habit I’ve developed is to be “efficient”

The first method is to make good use of tools. Time management, progress control, and teamwork are all played once;

The second method is to read books, practice, read books, practice again. Recommend to everyone “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

The third method is the GTD system (get things done), which records all the things, and then organizes and categorizes them uniformly.

I have mentioned this method in other articles, and there are some other management artifacts. In fact, it is common to many people in the workplace. If you are interested, you can take a look.

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Keep thinking about the “critical” questions

Break up regularly to keep your work and life clean.

Try to arrange things as thoughtfully as possible, make various risk estimates in advance, and never go to others to settle accounts after things happen.

Now this habit is not only in work, but also in my life. It is an occupational disease.


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