They Reach Sales And Sell In Long Sales Cycles

In our experience, we have verified that marketing automation allows up to 40% commercial efficiency to be achieved, since the commercial team focuses on the opportunities with the highest probability of closing. Looking for measurable and scalable actions? Part of inbound marketing for real estate is to establish specific, effective and scalable processes , whose impact we can measure. A digital marketing agency helps you to know how many visits your website has, how many registered, how many are more likely to close as customers, to determine the CAC (acquisition cost per customer) and the ROI of your campaigns. The strategy must consider the creation of useful and relevant content. Integrating SEO, UX, PPC, nutrition, and sales tactics is key.

Evaluated with business KPI’s such as ROI, CAC and LTV. Beyond the number of leads generated by campaigns, we evaluate their profitability under an ROI approach. In other words, if one campaign generated 100 contacts and another 200, it could be a mistake if we think that more contacts is better. That’s why it’s important to assess how many of those leads turned into sales opportunities and revenue. Is your team ready? Using digital marketing strategies for real estate requires experience in many areas: marketing, business, sales, content, SEO, PPC, UX programming, among others.

For Measurable And Scalable Actions?

Although your development has a marketing department, you should evaluate internal capabilities to determine if it is better to outsource some actions or the entire strategy. The success of an inbound growth strategy lies in the depth of understanding of the belgium phone number ideal client and the business, as well as the capacity and quality of execution. Step 2. Consider these 5 criteria to choose the ideal agency for your real estate To hire a digital marketing agency you can guide yourself with these 5 criteria and make the best decision: 1. Must be certified The agency you choose should give.

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belgium phone number

The certainty that it is qualified in its field. Hubspot is a platform recognized for creating the “inbound marketing” methodology and the software that supports the entire strategy. Agencies that have Hubspot’s international certification receive constant training and use its tools to automate the actions of the marketing and sales teams. At GrowX Agency, we partner with Hubspot, because their platform allows us to execute the strategy and evaluate the efforts of the Inbound methodology . 2. Find out their background and way of working The agency you choose must be transparent and clear about the services it offers. To understand what it does and how it does it, you can consider these aspects: Work methodology: That is, what strategies, technology and tools do they use to do digital marketing. Qualified team in the different areas of digital marketing. Reputation.

The Ideal Client And Business

Check the experience of your agency through references from other clients, check their website, read their content, investigate how they interact on social networks. 3. You must know and understand your business perfectly When you hire a digital marketing agency , it is important that before offering solutions, it begins by evaluating your situation, challenges and needs . Thus, they will be able to share and bounce information to detect symptoms or opportunities more easily. Request a consulting session on the growth of your real estate at no cost << 4. Find out how they evaluate the performance of a strategy Without metrics it is not possible to improve the digital marketing strategy. The agency you choose should provide key performance indicators (KPI’s) and service level agreements (SLAs).

This will help you assess the landscape to reach your goals. Have an idea of ​​what content is being successful. How many qualified prospects are entering, how many houses have been sold, etc. At GrowX Agency, every month we follow up. The tactics implemented and every quarter we review the KPIs that we impact, mainly. Traffic, leads, marketing qualified leads (MQL’s), sales opportunities and income. Also, we jointly carry out a strategic work plan always aligned with the business objectives and meet your expectations. 5. Find out how they help improve the sales process Something very important. That the digital marketing agency you hire not only helps. You attract qualified prospects, but also helps you sell more properties.

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