Think Less About Traffic and More About Results

It is important to understand that you have to change a little the thinking of traditional seo. Professionals in the area are used to putting the generation of organic traffic as the central objective of the entire strategy, and that idea may not be fully aligned with local seo.

When a user searches for local businesses on google, many times they just want to have quick information, such as a phone number, an address or directions to get there.

Google is putting more and more effort into delivering relevant answers on its results page.

This is what happens when the search engine shows the local pack: the user clicks on one of the companies and all the information about it is from google my business.

Manage Your Business With Google My Business

They do not require access to your website to receive the data they need about the business. And the conversion that the company wants can happen without even the user entering its page —a call or a visit are enough.

We’re not saying that generating traffic isn’t important, okay? Visitors to your page can also result in good business opportunities.

What we want to Media Directors Email Lists point out is that you too can drive conversions with local search serp optimization.

Google my business has a great positioning differential in local searches , especially within local packs. Therefore, this should be a priority in local seo.

When entering your company within google my business, it is essential to fill in all the data, such as company name, category, address, working hours, telephone number, website, accessibility conditions, among other things.

Each Dice Filled Can Be Decisive When Making the Decision by the Users.

Media Directors Email Lists

That is why, the more complete your record is, the more confidence google will have to give you relevance. Likewise, it is very important to keep these data updated to inform the public truthfully.

Google my business goes far beyond traditional registration data. For certain types of businesses, there are other resources.

For example: for hotels, paid ads allow the user to check availability and prices per night in the same serp and, for restaurants with home delivery, they can tell you where to order.


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