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Develop a well-thought-out plan: what are the trends, what are the myths, and what can you expect in the future? During the Results-driven marketing training, you will delve into creating campaign concepts and create a strong foundation. Watch the workout! Google Discover Logo 4. 5 alternatives to Google Analytics (but GDPR-proof) Google Analytics is under the magnifying glass of European privacy watchdogs.

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It would not comply with the GDPR. Many marketers and website owners use Google Analytics to measure traffic to their websites and the Estonia WhatsApp Number List success of their campaigns. Together with lawyer Charlotte Meindersma, I looked for a number of privacy-friendly alternatives. Google Analytics Alternatives. 5. Inspiration! 13 formats for content on social media Some content on social media almost goes through the roof by itself.

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But what if you want to convey a complex or substantive message? How do you ensure that you stand out and that your message sticks? These 13 shapes and formats will help you on your way! Social media content ideas, with colorful ice cream. 6. How to use Canva for your business: 8 creative content tips Canva makes it easy to create professional designs, from social media posts to boardroom presentations.

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