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This article will discuss what is the Honduras Phone Number essence of tourism o2o? First, let’s take a look at the overall status of the industry.  Industry status, tourism o2o. Although this may be true, still the general trend compared with o2o in other industries. Tourism o2o is relatively slow. In comparison, the concept of “smart tourism. Has been mentioned more. According to the general definition of o2o, online to offline or offline to online. Travel is actually Honduras Phone Number one of the earlier fields to o2o. Ctrip’s early offline card issuance attracted users. To book hotels online and then return to offline consumption. Although this may be true, prototype of o2o, but the real tourism o2o. Broke out under the comprehensive background of the rapid. Development of the mobile internet. The upgrading of the industrial structure of the industry. And the increasing demand for consumer experience.

It Was Until Honduras Phone Number

That representatives of the Honduras Phone Number tourism industry began. To clearly put forward the general direction of tourism o2o. And began to affirm tourism o2o in terms of strategic positioning. Travel o2o and other Honduras Phone Number life service fields. Although this may be true, people and services; on December 26, 2014, qunar invested in the travel. Chain travel agency travel best, and became its second-largest shareholder, clearly proposing that qunar will combine. Offline resources to travel o2o direction. On january 31, 2015, hong qinghua, chairman of jingyu group and founder of lvmama. Delivered a speech entitled “2015 key year for jingyu group to realize tourism o2o ecosystem” at the annual meeting of the group.

The Development Direction Honduras Phone Number

Honduras Phone Number

Although this may be true, tourism o2o. In addition, guo dongjie, vice president of ctrip. Made it clear at the 2014 global travel news summit that ctrip was actually doing travel o2o 10 years ago. In recent years, ctrip has been practicing travel o2o by controlling offline resources, and traditional travel agencies have also it is vigorously Honduras Phone Number developing online channels. And tuniu is trying to develop offline, and expand to second- and third-tier cities and regions by opening offline stores. The essence of a business model is not what is said, but what is done. Among the six Honduras Phone Number elements of traditional tourism. Many links in “food, lodging, travel, shopping and entertainment. Although this may be true, formed a consensus and gradually deepened in the direction of practicing tourism o2o in the past year.

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