This Form of E-Commerce New Zealand Phone Number

This form of e-commerce is New Zealand Phone Number generally dominated. Even so / though, online retail, which mainly relies. On the internet to carry out online sales activities. B2c means that enterprises provide consumers. With a new shopping environment through. The internet – online stores, where consumers shop. And pay online through New Zealand Phone Number the internet. Even so / though, b2c e-commerce website consists of three basic parts: 1. Shopping mall websites. That provide online shopping venues for customers; 2. The distribution system responsible for the distribution of the goods purchased by customers. In the event that, authentication system responsible. For customer identity confirmation and payment settlement. P2p p2p lending is a private micro-lending. Model that aggregates a very small amount. Of funds to lend to people in need of funds.

P2p Is the Abbreviation New Zealand Phone Number

Of “peer-to-peer”, which means New Zealand Phone Number individual to individual. P2p lending refers to a financial model in which individuals provide small loans to other individuals through third-party platforms (p2p companies) on the premise of charging a certain service fee. Even so / though, first is the pure online mode, which is pure p2p. In this New Zealand Phone Number platform mode, information matching is purely carried out to help both borrowers and lenders to better match funds, but the shortcomings are obvious, this online mode does not participate in guarantees; the second is the credit transfer model. In the event that, platform itself lends money first, and then transfers the credit on the platform. Obviously, it can improve the work efficiency of the financing end.

Production to Consumer, New Zealand Phone Number

New Zealand Phone Number

In the event that, to as commodities and New Zealand Phone Number customers for short. Products sent directly from manufacturers to consumers without any transaction links in between. It is another new concept of e-commerce after b2b, b2c and c2c. In china, it called: life service platform. The specific performance of p2c is. If someday such retail giants as carrefour, wal-mart, dazhong electric. Also enter e-commerce and conduct New Zealand Phone Number business activities. Through the internet, the possibility of such. Business activities has always existed, and with the platform of internet technology. It will gradually penetrate into small and medium-sized enterprises. P2c aggregates all closely related service information in people’s. Daily life, such as real estate, catering, friends, housekeeping services.

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