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You want your target group to recognize themselves in the images and to understand what they mean. Could you use some help determining your ideal image use and briefing your photographer? Then the Visual Communication Training might be something for you. Curious? Since the well-known C-word came into the picture, public confidence in the government has fallen sharply.

Convert your intentions

Now that the corona crisis seems to be coming to an end, you can gradually start to wonder how you can regain that trust. Using social media is a great way to start. How do you do that? We would like to explain that to you in this article on the Cameroon WhatsApp Number List basis of four useful tips! There you are as a municipality, ministry or other government organization with your good behavior.

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Social media

You are active on social media, you are where your resident is, you interact and monitor what is going on. Step by step you get closer to your target group and you achieve the first successes. And then there was the C word. First there is still room for solidarity (‘we will tackle this together’), then restlessness follows (‘how long will this take?’) and then degenerates into mistrust (‘do they actually know what they are doing?’).

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