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Great ! Now you need to dig into the top ranking pages for each targeted keyword on google. Take thorough notes reviewing how engaging the content is. Use tools like buzzsumo to measure how many people share each page. Note any supporting visuals and whether they are generic photos (like a photo of someone sipping coffee vs. Informative images directly related to the actual content).A study showed that when an individual hears information instead of seeing it. They can probably only remember 10% of it. However, when providing information through an image. People retained 65% of the details three days later . 48 8 Useful Tools That Will Help You Optimize.

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Now spent on mobile , rising to 70% in the us, brazil and mexico, and 90% in indonesia. This means that if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re in big trouble. It doesn’t take much Cyprus Phone Number imagination to figure out why. Just browse on your smartphone or tablet to see how difficult it is to navigate a site that is not mobile friendly. Unless you really need to do or see something on this site, you won’t bother trying to navigate and use it. You’ll just bounce back, won’t you? After All, There Are Bound to Be Better Sites. Overall, site owners have jumped on the mobile bandwagon. Especially after google started boosting mobile-friendly sites. With its 2015 algorithm update.

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Cyprus Phone Number

Your site is up to. The job and what you can do to make it happen. Here are 8 useful tools that will help you optimize your website for mobile. Mobile-friendly test google considerately launched. The mobile-friendly test tool before implementing its mobile-friendly algorithm. Also known as mobilegeddon in some circles. It Gave Site Owners a Heads Up on What They needed to do to optimize their mobile sites. The tool is really easy to use. All you have to do is enter your website url and click “run test”. The tool will take about a minute to fetch the page and analyze it. You’ll know your website is getting a passing grade if you see this:you’ll also see how your site looks on a mobile device on the right.

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