PSE Registration Time for Local Konten

Kominfo) requires all technology companies operating in Indonesia to register as PSE (Electronic System Operator).

This PSE registration is regulated in Government Regulation Number 71 of 2019 concerning the Implementation of Electronic Systems and Transactions.

Then, it was confirmed by the Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information Number 5 of 2020 concerning the Implementation of Private Electronic Systems.

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Kominfo threatens to block PSE services or Electronic System Operators if they do not register until July 20, 2022. The Ministry of Information’s threat refers to Ministerial Regulation No. 05 of 2020 Article 7.

If you think about it at a glance, this threat from the Ministry of Communication and Information is horrifying. Just imagine, those of us who are currently France Phone Number inseparable everyday, in the true sense we can’t escape, yes, from social media, search media, media exchanging messages, all of a sudden all of that can no longer be accessed.

It is possible to exchange messages via SMS, but for social media and looking for digital information, what do you want to do? Especially for those who currently do business online, whose promotions are mostly via social media.

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For myself, for social media, I don’t really have a problem even if it is blocked, because I rarely use social media. But when messengers, like Whatsapp, and search sites, like Google, are blocked, I use them every day.

However, After All We Have to Be Husnu Zhan

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The government. It’s impossible, right, if the government takes a policy that will harm the country and its people?

What is the reason Kominfo requires all PSEs to register, you can find in several media. Likewise, what are the benefits of registering, both for the government and for PSE companies.

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If only PSEs from abroad were stubborn, did not want to register until today, and Kominfo was serious about the threat.

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