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Their products or services through internet. To be more precise about internet business; it is simply performing business using internet for worldwide audience Turkey Phone Number in order to globalize business. Advantages of Internet Business – Internet Business has its Turkey Phone Number unique advantages There is no need of physical Z location and hence you don’t need to have your own or rent  Turkey Phone Number the place for starting up business as how traditional business requires. Of course you need location that is DOMAIN NAME for website. Registration and its very cheap you can get. For about $5 to $25 with free  Turkey Phone Number hosting service. You need website for selling your product or service. If you know programming and designing. You can always do it on your own or you can hire a web developer.

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or even you can become an affiliate of Turkey Phone Number some site which needs no website since your merchant will provide you website. You can advertise your products or services for free in most of the websites say free classified advertisement site. Since Turkey Phone Number internet works on the principle of 24×7 you can reach your customer at any time. Internet business is not geographic specific and hence you can reach global audience. Disadvantages of Internet Business -Of course, internet has major advantages but it has some disadvantages too. Through internet it is very difficult for the  Turkey Phone Numberuser to recognize what is genuine and what is not because.

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The ‘Touch and feel’ of some product before Turkey Phone Number they buy. Internet makes you feel isolate and hence it separates manufacturer and Turkey Phone Number customer, and this ultimately end-up in lack of trust between two parties. It is also difficult for the user to choose the product as there may be many products with different varieties advertise through Turkey Phone Number internet. Business Models: Every Business needs model to run its business and operations. When it comes to internet it is not that companies have design or built their own models Most of the companies sustain with the following business models.

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