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Too many businesses today. In fact, it has been Armenia’s Phone Number a major topic of conversation. The coaching of one of my major clients that very concern with complacency in their company. Complacency can be absolutely poisonous to businesses chances Armenia Phone Number for success. Complacency is confirming that you and your business are in a rut and you Armenia Phone Number have decided to stay there. Well, just as Will Rogers warns us about sitting on the right track and getting. Run over, if your business stays in a rut it too will remain stuck.

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Now, let’s look at what happens to us when Armenia Phone Number we are not complacent, but are really in a challenging situation. Think about how your senses are heighten and how you experience a rush of adrenalin that gives you an energy boost. And wouldn’t you Armenia Phone Number agree that it is amazing how efficient and successful we can become when we recognize Armenia Phone Number and act in response to the challenge? So why do we wait for those dire circumstances to kick us out of complacency? Wherever complacency exists in a business.

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There Armenia Phone Number great resistance

To change. We know that certain changes Armenia Phone Number in the human body will trigger the body’s immune system. Well, the same thing Armenia Phone Number happens within businesses and organizations. Only in this case, it is people who resist and try to fight off the change. Resistance can be good if it defends the health of your business, but resistance can do serious Armenia Phone Number damage or may even prove fatal if the resistance is against desperately needed changes in your business. identify and respond to the deadly and destructive habit of complacency.

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