To remain relevant

Dropbox rewards people if they share their website via the referral link. If someone signs up via the referral link you created, you will be rewarded with 1GB of free storage. This has been one of the big growth drivers of Dropbox since the moment they introduced this. Certifications The final type of social proof we want to highlight is creating social proof by showing your certifications.

Reach new buyers

If your company has earned certain industry-wide recognised certifications or accreditations, you should show them on your website. Most companies Argentina WhatsApp Number List who hand out certifications and accreditations have ready-made logos available you can use on your site (it gives them more visibility as well so a win-win for the both of you).

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B2B sellers

Research by MonetizePros in 2014 even shows that some of these badges can help increase your conversion by as much as 30%. Showcasing logos of other companies should not just stop with your certifications, maybe you have some integrations with your product and other well-known products or services out there. By showing their logos on your website.

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