Small adjustments to your working day

Secretly we all know that complaining does not help. And that complaining absorbs energy and positivism. But complaining is and remains a human need. Nothing human is alien to us. That is why we, as a colleague duo, have created a quarter of an hour to complain (per day, if necessary… and otherwise per week). Fifteen minutes in which we express our worst frustrations.

From hermit to colleague

We may exaggerate here. Often this also releases the humor. One nickname, simile or pun even fainter than the next. sleight of hand We do indeed use this short lament as an outlet, but consciously link it to our own creativity. With us this Morocco WhatsApp Number List is expressed in comic notes and word play. But the funny thing is that it is precisely this creative sleight of hand that gives rise to new ideas.

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Are you also one

Perhaps more people in the organization feel this frustration. Calling the problem harshly and rudely by its name can encourage a conversation about the solution. Stumbling blocks and goals For example, if we have to write a manual about a certain system, we like to first note the associated stumbling blocks (such as minor irritations and unnecessary click paths).

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