CES 2022 took place in Las Vegas

Does this yield anything for the Dutch farmer? Cameras not only register, they can also signal. Not only in enforcement but also in care, as witnessed by the Kepler Night Nurse who combines camera and AI. Is AI and robotization/automation a replacement or a supplement in certain professions where personnel are scarce? These are all things that we have to discuss if you look at desirability. Well, let’s feed this one.

Fine in itself

The outcome lies with society. Keep moving! Whether you want to learn (use) the latest techniques, apps or gadgets or prefer to keep your knowledge of the more common things up-to-date, it is important to keep developing. Do you always want to have Turkey WhatsApp Number List the latest knowledge? Take a look at our Annual subscription online courses. Yes, interesting! Turn satisfied customers into loyal customers A good customer experience therefore not only ensures satisfied customers, but also more turnover and loyalty.

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Traveling in times of corona

If you want to get started on improving the customer experience, our online course package might be something for you. In 3 hours you will learn everything about user testing, customer journey mapping & collecting customer feedback. Curious? View the package here When you open the app, you immediately see something new: create link . If you tap ‘create link’, you will get a menu with your contacts on different apps and you can send the link to the person you want to video call.

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