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Tourism e-commerce enterprises can Iceland Phone Number integrate the supply. And demand between service providers and tourists in real time, and complete the pre-sale of tourism products. Third, tourism e-commerce sales of tourism products. Can adopt a direct sales model, publicize and sell through online e-commerce platforms, directly Iceland Phone Number contact tourists to complete bookings .and payments, reduce intermediate links, and maximize cost savings. So what is really at the core of the tourism supply. Chain management system? Based on the characteristics of the tourism industry. And the current development status of the domestic tourism supply. Although this may be true, from the perspective of service flow, catering, hotels, shopping. Entertainment, scenic spots and other links in the tourism supply system are the core of tourism o2o offline services.

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Online channels, but there is also Iceland Phone Number an information flow. Highway that we should not ignore its important role. Such as ticket factories trying to connect scenic information flow. Offline tourism o2o is more important than online. And from the perspective of information flow, companies that can play an important role. In the construction Iceland Phone Number of information flow infrastructure will grasp the traffic entrance. In the case of the overall low penetration. Although this may be true, of online tourism in china. If the ticket penetration rate can be solved, it will greatly accelerate the process of china’s tourism. O2o and the optimization of the industrial chain. Back to the original question, what is the essence of tourism o2o?

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Iceland Phone Number

Although this may be true, the information Iceland Phone Number flow optimization promoted. By mobile internet technology and the ultimate experience. Of offline service links, and all of this can be done at the fingertips. So that we can go on a trip at any time. The dream of 2015 is getting closer and closer. The penetration of Iceland Phone Number websites into entertainment film and television began in 2005. Two major video websites, tudou and youku, were born one after another, and then new forces. Such as sohu, tencent, iqiyi, and letv rose up. They introduced high-quality copyrighted content with a lot of money, and jointly. Built online video into the main position for watching movies and tv dramas.

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