Trade-Off Between Custom Development and Shopify Theme Updates

If you follow the theme provider’s update path, theme updates keep most of your theme settings in the theme customizer. Updating the theme may be the easiest solution as it has already solved the update issue. It’s like replacing the contents of your backpack without buying a brand new one. Shopify Themes When using store themes, the risk of updating the current theme is usually low. However, if you edit your custom code, you run the risk of losing these code changes. There are so many settings in a theme that it can be difficult to determine which one is useful. Clipping Path Service Some website rescues configure these settings to optimize your Shopify store.

Clipping Path Service

In General, Minor Theme Updates

don’t have a big impact on customer experience, SEO, how the theme works in your app, and so on. Updating the theme is easy if you avoid custom code. If you haven’t edited the code, expect to spend up to a few hours. However, if you’re significantly late, or if your theme has a major update (such as one that’s compatible with Shopify’s online store 2.0), the update will be more complicated. With major updates, it often feels like you need to start over with the theme. Major updates add new settings that did not exist before. Updating a theme that has undergone a major update can take at least 3-4 hours without custom code. If custom code is involved, this can take some time and you need to include more tests to make sure the custom code works with the update.

Option 2: Get a New Theme with Built-In Features

The new theme will be redesigned no matter how you slice it. Shopify theme settings aren’t transferred, so many apps will need to be reconfigured or enabled when you publish a new theme. Here you are buying a new backpack with new content. If anything, you need to decide what to move from your old backpack to your new backpack. Some free themes may include the features you need. Dawn, the default theme for all new stores, contains most of the basic functionality required for all stores. If you don’t know which theme to use and don’t want to spend money on it yet, it’s best to start here. Dawn is also where Shopify invests development resources, so it’s updated regularly. Expect to spend US $ 300-400 when you’re ready to invest in your theme.

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