Transmit a Message That Favors the Perception of Your Brand

Do you remember that one of the objectives of public relations is to influence the opinion of the audience? Well, digital pr are no strangers to it. In fact, taking advantage of digital formats, it is easier to tell good stories linked to powerful messages .

These messages not only connect the brand with certain values, in what we know as branding . You can also motivate people to share that inspiring content on their own social networks , creating a virtuous circle of more visibility.

8 practical digital pr actions to start your strategy
Now that you know what digital public relations is all about, we will share with you 10 actions that you can implement in your company’s communications to start with your strategy. Are you ready?

So take note.

Create a List of Media Outlets and Companies You Can Partner With

First thing’s first. To start working with digital public relations, you must identify which are the organizations, media, bloggers, journalists and influencers that work in your sector or in a related segment to contact them.

There are some tools that help you discover what alliances your competitors have with other brands on the internet and try to get the Australia Accountant Email Lists same spaces. Some of these tools are:

Ahrefs : gives you information about the domain authority of the websites of your potential contacts, in addition to allowing you to perform an analysis of their backlinks.
Semrush – here is a fundamental seo tool for competitor and backlink analysis.
Majestic: like ahrefs, it also helps you measure the trustworthiness of an external website.
Buzzsumo – allows you to discover content ideas and influencers, as well as track brands, competition, and backlinks.

Execute a Content Marketing Strategy

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Now, it is key to combine a digital public relations strategy with two allies that contribute to achieving maximum impact: we are talking about content marketing and seo.

It all starts with your own plan. You need to produce quality, optimized content to rank for your target keywords . This way you will have material to address the contacts on your list of media and companies.

Keep in mind that you can adapt content to different formats for reuse. For example, a single blog post can be expanded with new information to be reused in various content formats such as:

Infographics ;
Guest posts;
Articles in local media;
Articles in trade publications such as forbes;
Linkedin news update;
Videos or podcasts;
Interactive content .

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