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Promote E-books or White Papers Facebook is a great platform to promote e-books and white papers. I would say it’s even better than adwords because it’s easier to reach a large base of customers looking for a particular solution. Many authors use it to sell their ebooks, but it may be easier to use ebooks or white paper as lead magnets. Navid moazzez used this strategy to promote virtual summit mastery (vsm), one of his new flagship courses. Its return on investment was 876% . Here are some tips for marketers who intend to incorporate e-books and white papers into their facebook marketing campaign.

Assess interest first estimate the

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number of users likely to be interested in a Vietnam Phone Number topic before creating informative content around it. Creating an Ebook or White Paper Can Cost $3,000 or More and several months. You want to make sure you’ll attract enough new leads to get your money’s worth. The best place to start is with facebook audience insights. This tool will help you see how many people on facebook meet the demographic criteria who will be interested in your ebook or whitepaper. You can also try using the google adwords keyword planner. Look for keywords with high buyer intent.

Such as “cheap vegan cookbooks

buy vegan cookbooks” to gauge overall interest. If there is strong interest among google users, then you should also be able to reach people on facebook. Hire Experts to Create Your Content Just Because Your resources are free doesn’t mean people will download them. You need to create exceptional quality content if you want to use it to generate leads. Even if they sign up, they probably won’t stay on your list if you don’t provide them with high-quality resources. People will look at reviews, your synopsis, and sample content to get an idea.

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