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You go away on a vacation to a beautiful island with crystal clear blue water and white sand, enjoying your family and friends for several days with no phones, no emails, no cell phones, no business activity whatsoever and when you come back… You discover that all Japan Phone Number  these new business partners have joined your business team! Your ‘sales force’ has been multiplying while you were away relaxing on the beach! Then you receive a check in the mail for their efforts because you put in the effort to build this team! I’ve even heard someone call it ‘coconut money’! What’s a business team?

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Owners all working for themselves only unlike a traditional business you benefit too! Doesn’t that sound better than YOU doing all the work YOURSELF? It’s the business team you build that makes this powerful force called LEVERAGE possible. Without a growing business team, you’re not only working for yourself, but also all by yourself. You’re doing all the work just like you would be if you were self-employed. Self-employed people have no leverage do they? For anyone who’s read Robert Kiyosaki’s The Business School For People Who Like Helping People, he talks about.

Japan Phone Number

 Quadrant Japan Phone Number Employee

The  quadrant’ (Self Employed and Small Business owner), the ‘I quadrant’ (Investor) and the ‘B quadrant’ (Business owner). When you’re in the ‘S quadrant’ as a small business owner, you’re doing all the work yourself or managing employees. Kiyosaki calls the ‘S quadrant,’ “The home of the rugged individual, the John Wayne quadrant of business.” We have a friend we visited with while on vacation a few summers ago. As a small business owner, he couldn’t visit for very long because he doesn’t have anyone to work for him while away. He hardly ever goes on vacation.

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