Types Of Social Media Responses To A Crisis

We have seen in previous posts what a Social Network Crisis Plan is and How to take care of our Online Reputation in Social Networks . In conclusion, Now it’s time to establish a standard response protocol for common questions that you may be asked on your social channels. The normal thing, especially in brands with more community in social networks and more social notoriety, is to have a response protocol so as not to waste time in giving a correct and quick response to a possible online reputation crisis. But what answers are those?

How do I prepare that online reputation protocol to efficiently manage a crisis in social networks? Response protocol in social networks Thus, within our Social Network Crisis Plan, we must have coverage so that our work team, which deals with these online reputation issues, works faster and more efficiently. In conclusion, The response protocol is a classification of the types of responses that we will give on social networks depending on the degree of the crisis. In this way, the protocol for responding to a crisis in social networks allows us to respond in each social network in the best way, respecting the decision-making chain, and without leaving the user without an effective response.

How To Make A Complaint Or Claim

Types of responses in social networks to an online reputation crisis Responses to a minor online reputation crisis social media responses to a find phone number by name lebanon crisis We consider the first type of crisis to be mild, more bearable than serious online reputation crises, therefore. These responses are protocolized and the community manager on duty would respond. We are going to establish a question-answer protocol for a minor online reputation crisis : 1- Staff complaint. 2- Broken or defective product. 3- Regular customer service. 4- Badly charged product or service. 5- Product out of stock. 6- Return Policy. 7- Transport service failure, delays. Defective assembly.

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Service unfinished or out of time. Answers: 1- Complaint verified as valid The normal thing is to respond with a lot of information, take the blame first, and make available to the client or user all the information available to process their complaint. 2- False complaint It is shown that the information provided by the client or user does not adjust to reality, with all the information available, and the latter is thanked for their collaboration in making the brand’s customer service better in the future. crisis-plan-in-social-networks-steps-protocol Responses to a moderate online reputation crisis.

Now We Have A Moderate Crisis

Greater than the mild ones that we have previously given as examples. But not as serious as the more dangerous ones, which we will see later. Thus, in this case, the answers should be given by the person in charge of the area. After that,  Where the BS Leads crisis has occurred , because they have more information and experience in that specific area. The social network manager asks him for the information that he should give, and it is given in due time.

We are going to establish a question-answer protocol for a moderate online reputation crisis : 1- Product in poor condition. After that, Unhealthy product. 3- Product without permanent stock. 4- Poor quality of service. 5- Service not adjusted to what was contracted. Answers: 1- Product or service not used The client or user is guaranteed. That, with prior public apologies for it, in the same channel in which the complaint has been made. 2- Product or service already in use You are guaranteed the return. The contracted product or service, plus financial compensation for the inconvenience, prior public apology.

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