Update Your Cms, Themes and Plugins

Content managers like WordPress release updates frequently to fix bugs , fix bugs, and prevent possible security vulnerabilities. So do themes, plugins, and plugins for WordPress .

So, as part of a website maintenance, updating these aspects represents significant improvements in speed, performance and, of course, for WordPress security.

4. Test loading speed
We know that web speed is one of the ranking factors that Google takes into consideration the most. And it is that this directly affects other indicators such as the bounce rate and the residence time.

Hence, it is crucial to make adjustments to

Both your website and hosting to improve load time. For this, tools such as Google PageSpeed ​​Insights or GTMetrix are used to test the loading speed.

Optimizing this variable is essential to improve the user experience, reduce loading time and, ultimately, attract more organic traffic to your website, as users demand web pages that load faster and faster.

5. Examine web architecture
Taking care of the web architecture is one of the VP Engineering Email Lists tasks that is most often carried out in maintenance, taking into account the importance of organizing the information in the correct categories —especially for e-commerce—.

Poorly organized content is an error that can confuse your users about what to do next on your website. However, the solution is simple: review, section by section, your web page to classify each content where it should be.

6. Find broken links The maintenance of

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Both internal and external links must be one of the priorities in this process, as these can be modified with small actions such as moving, modifying or deleting files.

Therefore, the link audit should be done with some frequency depending on the size of your website and the frequency with which you update it. Even so, finding broken links can be quite a difficult task.

For that, you can use a link checker to verify the proper functioning of the links on your pages. Some of these tools are:

Dr Link Check;
Google Search Console ;
Broken Link Checker.

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